Green Energy is Here

Al Gore documentary

Ever since Al Gore made his documentary about global warming, so many companies are becoming conscious about newer forms of green energy. On the forefront , It is a good PR move for them to be taking the stance. When a company realizes the importance of green resources and promotes it from within, it looks good for them and makes their business more appealing. If they also promote the same green ideals to their customers, then that is another feather in their cap. As years go by, green technology is actually becoming cheaper and cheaper to utilize. Back in the day, solar panels were very expensive. They could not be easily sold without showing the customer the long-term savings that they were getting.

solar panels

Even then, it was a hard sell to most people. But nowadays companies are giving away solar panels free to anyone that signs up for their service plan. Other forms of green energy are following suit. Many HVAC companies such as S&S, are offering geothermal heating and cooling units to homeowners and businesses alike. They advised all of their Phoenixville air conditioning clients to get on board with this. The geothermal process is the using of the earth’s temperature to cool or heat your structure. The ground itself holds natural heating and cooling properties that can be harnessed and used for climate control. The main problem with green energy is that the old dinosaurs of the fossil fuel industry don’t like it.

geothermal process

There are giants in the field that still depend on the use of fossil fuels for their companies to grow. It’s a losing game for them, because at some point all of the oil will be drilled out of the ground. They are literally hanging on to their ideals with their life. So on a personal level, it is a win-win for you to utilize green resources in your life. You save money on utilities and of course, and you were helping to save the earth.

The Future of Currency

By now everyone has heard the term bitcoin. It was introduced many years ago is a fad for extreme libertarians. There were a small group of people that did not want to be under government or corporate control anymore, so they attempted to create their own currency which would liberate them from big businesses. They figured if enough people would jump on board, it would free people from unnecessary corporate greed and government control. That’s how it started anyway. Bitcoin’s theme is that all cryptocurrencies are a peer to peer money delivery systems. The transaction does not go through a conventional bank, and it is not regulated by any agency. So how would such a thing be controlled?


The transactions run through a very complicated cryptography code which secures them from place to place. One person sends the transaction from one address it goes through an elaborate system and is delivered to someone at another secure address. Not something that really sounds like it’s going to take over the world. Or is it? The real gem of the whole thing is not the actual currency, But the coding or programming that goes behind it. Think of the actual coins as stock certificates in the cryptographic building block.

blockchain process

So a company releases coins through their own code structure, and it builds money for their project. As time goes on more big businesses are becoming interested in the technology not for creating coins, but for using the encryption code for other projects. It can be used to secure and send medical records, transaction reports, even transportation locks. It is a seamless way to create new waves of information and send them from one place to the next. So I advise you to look into cryptocurrency, not as just a way to invest in the new money trend, but as a way to be involved in the latest technology.

How will artificial intelligence impact our lives?

How will artificial intelligence impact our lives?

Google, Facebook, and IBM are some of the biggest names in technology all coming together to research and develop artificial intelligence or AI.  These are the companies you are familiar with however there are dozens of tech companies in Silicon Valley all working on developing AI.  So what is it about AI that is prompting such a buzz?  Why are companies putting millions of dollars into this type of research?  How will artificial intelligence impact our lives?

AI is more efficient

Since the invention of the wheel man has been looking for ways to make his life easier.  Through the industrial age we created machines that were actually more efficient than people.  Machines can work longer and faster, more precisely and they can do it without a rest.  Picture those same machines with the ability to make decisions.  Production could dramatically increase, there would be far less delays and everything could be done with fewer mistakes.

Changing the face of marketing

Marketing is already using chatbots which is AI in action, chatbots are helping companies bring in new customers and provide customer service to their existing base of clients.  Using AI we can take digital marketing to whole new levels, it can go well beyond answering customer questions and truly become a part of interactive marketing.  As of now using chatbots to answer routine inquiries is becoming the norm and it requires companies to use less human resources to answer repetitive and routine questions.  Here is a closer look at AI and how it will impact marketing in the future.

Space Exploration

This probably conjures up images of Commander Data from Star Trek, and you wouldn’t be that far off.  When it comes to space exploration or even trying to explore the bottom of our oceans humans are limited by biology.  We can’t explore those harsh environments easily, nor can we detect the different sounds, frequencies or patterns that may be found there.  Machines don’t possess the same limitations that we do, and a machine that is AI capable can explore and extrapolate data where we simply cannot.

Future Opportunities

We have no idea yet of just how far we can take AI technology it really does have the capacity to change the world as we know it, much like computers and cell phone technology did.  While the uses of AI have been limited thus far what could it do in the field of medicine, will it have the capability to perform complex surgery or save lives in an ER.  How can it impact the world of finance?  Will AI ever be able to create art or will that always be a human trait?  It will be incredible to see where this technology goes in the future.

Can 3D Printing Save the Environment

Can 3D Printing Save the Environment

3D printing creates a three dimensional object using what is called rapid prototyping technology, it creates objects based on designs made with computer software.  In plain English it takes a digital model and makes it into the real thing.  3D printing has the potential to revolutionize a whole host of industries, such as architecture, medicine, product development and so many more.  You can easily create prototypes before building the real thing.  But how can 3D printing save the environment?  Let’s have a look.

Printer material

3D printers print with plastic and metal, these are also two of the most common waste materials presenting an environmental hazard.  If we take plastic and metal and pulverize into a product that can be used by a 3D printer, then we solve two problems at once.  We can create new products from old waste material.  This is better than the current method of taking old materials and re-using them as is and creating new plastic and metal to be used in current printers.  The printer can use the waste material as long as it has the basic component materials.

Printing with glass

Artists and engineers worked together to come up with a method that gave us the ability to 3D print using glass, previously this wasn’t possible.  There was a problem getting the ration of adhesive to glass powder for it to work.  There was a team working out of the University of Washington that finally figured it out and now we have the ability to print using glass.

Why is this relevant?  This new ability to print with glass allowed for old glassware to be used to make new glass products.  The whole thing was based on recycling glass.  This led scientist to consider other applications and how we can recycle other materials into completely new objects.

A new industry

There is potential here to create a whole new niche industry.  You can take recyclable goods and use them in the mass manufacturing of 3D printed objects.  Along with doing a good thing for the environment it also provides a low cost production alternative.  While 3D printing is very much in the early stages of development, market demand could easily change all of that.

With the tons and tons of plastic and metal garbage that is generated every year would it be better served to use that to create new objects rather than have it sitting in a landfill somewhere.